Big Promo Success

Life is good.

I planned a two-day promo to give away 20,000 free ebook copies of Abandoned Ship (click here for your free copy), but with still more than five hours left in the first day, I’ve already given away 16,487 books and Abandoned Ship is the #5 bestselling free ebook in the whole Kindle Store.


So I just want to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded so far, and I’ll keep you up to date on what happens tomorrow!

UPDATE (MID-WEDNESDAY): The current total, at 1:15pm EST, is 21,122. We finished off yesterday with 18,448 downloads and then when I woke up this morning at 8am, we were up to 19,773. So far today, there have been about 260 downloads per hour.

In fact, there have been almost exactly 260 downloads during each hour, so the download volume has decreased significantly from yesterday’s average (1600 per hour between 10am and 7pm) but is still holding steady. With no advertisements running today, I’m crediting the book’s #5 position on Amazon’s free book charts for bringing in the vast majority of today’s downloads.

I’m a little surprised that Amazon’s charts haven’t been updated at all since last night, about 16 hours ago. But I’m not arguing. Right now, I’m pretty sure my rank will drop as soon as the charts update.

UPDATE (THURSDAY MORNING): The giveaway is over with a grand total of 25,308 downloads, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks everybody!


  1. Holy cow, Benji, that’s a lot of free books! Have you seen an uptick in sales since the big promo? Or reviews? Inquiring authors want to know! :)

  2. I am one of those who found your book on Amazon’s freebies (through a Facebook page). Thank you for writing (so eloquently) about your tragic adventure. Have you had any response from the embassies and their lack of compassion and support? As a fellow American, I have always assumed that the embassy is there to help, in any way possible, Americans who are having difficulty in foreign countries. My eyes have now been open as to what to expect (from the embassies) when traveling abroad.
    Some questions:
    Have you submitted a plan of action that addresses where the American embassy failed, along with steps to prevent future problems, and sent it to your Congressman?
    How helpful would you rate the following site? http://​travel​.state​.gov/​t​r​a​v​e​l​/​t​i​p​s​/​t​i​p​s​_​1​2​3​2​.​h​tml
    I look forward to reading your next book!

    • Thanks, Sheila! You know, we never actually did contact our own Representative in Congress. When we couldn’t get into the congressional hearing last year, we gave up on any official congressional action. But I think you’re right. I should probably get in touch with my own home-state (Massachusetts) Representative & Senator.

  3. I got lucky and was able to get your book on Freebie day, which is good since I’m so broke and dealing with workman’s comp.
    I couldn’t put it down! And I have to tell you, I’ve been bummed lately because I had all these free books and I just couldn’t get into any of them, I mean.. no fault of the books.. it’s more my state of mind I’m sure. But your book broke through and it’s all I wanted to do for three days, just read your words.
    Great job! Love your style!
    I’m spreading the word to all my friends.
    Thanks !

    • Thank you so much! Emily and I are so grateful to be able to share our story, and messages like this really make us happy :)

      Have you had a chance to listen to Emily’s music yet?

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