In Good Company

Today, I’ve watched with joy and amazement as Abandoned Ship climbed up the Amazon bestseller list, and at this particular moment, I just had to stop and grab a couple of screenshots.

These two books, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Eat, Pray, Love were both absolutely instrumental in teaching me how to write a spiritual travel memoir.

I’m ever-indebted to Elizabeth Gilbert and Robert M. Pirsig for paving the way, and it’s an honor to have my book cover pictured next to theirs.

Abandoned Ship on the Amazon Bestseller list for Travel Adventurer and Explorer Biographies

Abandoned Ship on the Amazon Bestseller List for Travel Essays and Travelogues


  1. I loved this book! I’m glad that the word is getting out about the major institutions that are failing us. We cannot count on our government or large corporations to help us in times of disaster. They are in the business of power and money, not helping people. There is hope…we can help each other though networks of friends of friends. My wife and I went on our first cruise in January. I’m glad I didn’t read this book before we went. As fortune would have it, Daryn Tufts and his wife were assigned to the same table as us. He recommended “Abandoned Ship” and now I know why. Thanks Benji for reminding us that in times of disaster or catastrophic events, although you may not have attributed it to God, I believe He uses people to accomplish great things in helping out our brothers in need.

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